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Q: How do you get your sprite out of your sprite's cottage in grand fantasia?
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How do you get another sprite on grand Fantasia?

You get more sprites by using rare items that are dropped by monsters. Items such as Tibo's Summoning Flute and Kogoma's Animal Leather Drum will give you more sprites.

A name for your sprite in grand fantasia?

soalnya aku main

How do you abandon spirits in grand Fantasia?

Take the Sprite to any Altar and set it free. But if you let it go you will loose some reputation with sprite messenger my estimate ( 500 rep ).

How do you collect animal fur In grand Fantasia?

you have to have a sprite with the ability to hunt click on your sprite stone in the bottome right hand corner of your screen open it and click collect to see you can change it in character creation

How do you fight in grand fantasia?

like a beserker!

How do you save on grand fantasia?

The game is autosave

How can you get fast lvl in grand fantasia?

rep quests

Does grand fantasia work with windows 7?

yah it does

Does grand fantasia work with window 7 professional?


How old do you have to be to play grand fantasia?

You have to be 13 and up

When do sages get the wolf form in grand Fantasia?


Does Grand Fantasia work on Mac?

i don't think so :(