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by j6 in the saloon and in zephty or whatever by the ZEUS man

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Q: How do you get virtual cryistalized dragons breath in AQWorlds?
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How often do dragons breath fire?

Dragons (The evil ones) spit fire as soon as they notice someone The more sensible dragons only breath fire when they are annoyed.

What do Chinese dragons breath?


What is a best kind of dragons foe a tattoo?

Dragons that breath fire are the baddest dragons foe a tatoo

Can water dragons breath under water?


How hot will a dragons breath?

As hot as fire.

How do you evolve dragons in breath of fire 4?

i do not no

Are dragons real or exsisted?

Dragons (that can fly and breath fire) are not real and have never existed.

Is the dragons breath real in black ops?

Yes, it is a shotgun shell. The weapon called dragons breath in game is just a spas12 with those shells

What kind of powers do water dragons have?

Water dragons have the ability to breath underwater, breath water, and in some cases are able to turn things into water.

Do all dragons have fire breath?

no if they were real but they do not exist

What mythical dragon do not breathe fire?

Cold DragsJeweled DragonsWeir Dragons (poisonous breath)Sore Dragons (napalm breath - not quite fire)Archaic DragonsTerrapodsKnucklersAll the sea serpents

How does Bowser breathe fire?

How do fire breathing dragons breath fire?