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There are five areas you pass through in getting the jewel from the Diamond Mines. First, you will need a hardhat. You get this by completing the Safari. (see related question)

Beginning at the mine entrance :

  1. Put on the hardhat
  2. Go into the mine at right and set the electric fence timer
  3. Run immediately to the hole in the fence - left and up the dirt pile, up onto the conveyor belt, right and jump right across the space in the belt, and up on the barrel.
  4. Inside the mine, walk up the mine cart chute, jumping over any mine carts, until you reach the elevator. Go down.
  5. Turn off the sparking elevator switch.
  6. Push a barrel of explosives from the left side, over to the big rock.
  7. Turn on the sparking switch, and it detonates the explosive.
  8. Turn off the switch.
  9. Push another barrel over, all the way right to the wall.
  10. Turn on the switch.
  11. Enter the mine and roll the mine cart.
  12. Duck down to avoid the roof, and jump over the pointy rocks (the game warns you - jump before the sign). After three jumps, you reach the diamonds
  13. Look through the diamonds with the magnifier provided (at bottom right). The White jewel should be the third one up from the bottom left corner. (It has a triangular symbol on it.)
  14. When you have examined it under the magnifier, you will see a prompt to "take" the jewel.
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Q: How do you get the white jewel on nabooti island?
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What do you get at the diamond mine on Nabooti island?

the white jewel.

Which is the white jewel in nabooti island?

The white jewel is in the diamond mines mine, look for a white jewel with a special mark on it

What do you get from the mine on Nabooti island?

In the diamond mine is the White Jewel.

Where do you find the brown jewel on Nabooti Island?

There is no brown jewel on Nabooti Island. The colors are Purple, Green, Red, White, and Blue. (see related question)

How do you get the white nabooti jewel on poptropica?

First u have to go to a island in Nabooti and there's lots of white jewels in this place and u have to get the right white jewel with a magnifying glass

How do you grab the white jewel on nabooti island?

The White Jewel has a triangular inscription on it. Use the magnifier at the bottom right.

How do you find the white jewel in Nabooti island?

lower left corner

Is there a jewel on the Safari on Nabooti island?

No. But you need the hardhat from Big Zeke to get the White Jewel at the Diamond Mines.

What is the jewel combination on nabooti island?

blue green white purple red

How many jewels are there to find on Nabooti island?

There are 5 jewels to find on Nabooti Island. # The purple jewel (Blue Nile Falls) # The red jewel (Mountains of the Moon) # The green jewel (Kaya Forests) # The blue jewel (Giza) # The white jewel (Diamond Mines)

How do you get the white jewel out of the rock on nabooti island?

Use the magnifying glass (bottom right) to find out which jewel has the Nabooti seal on it. The jewel will be near the bottom left, so look for the triangular mark.

What does the inscription say on the white jewel on nabooti island?

Nothing. It is a small triangular mark.