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Red Dragon IN Lair

10% chance it will drop

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Q: How do you get the lava axe in AQWorlds?
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Which is the red card - Lava Axe or Jace Beleren?

lava axe

How do you get Snowbeards axe in AQWorlds?

Do all his quests

How do you get artix axe in AQWorlds?

You cant, only artix can have it

Where do you get artixs platinum axe in AQWorlds?

Its no longer available

How can you get the platinum axe of artix in aqworlds?

In AQWorlds, you get the platinum axe of destiny from Artix. The axe is a gift from Artix when you help test something big. You can also buy it from Atrix for 1000 gold in his storyline test shop.

In AQWorlds where u get blue axe?

If by "Blue Axe" you're talknig about the Swordhaven Axe that's blueish color and has the Swordhaven symbol on it (in blue), then you can get it in the "good Shop" in the castle.

Where do you get the Shadow Terror Axe in AQWorlds?

You can get the Shadow terror axe at the evil rep shop. it requiers lvl 10 evil though

How do you get artix's axe aqworlds?

the platinum axe of destiny was a platinum version of artix's axe but has gone rare now, the Blinding Light of Destiny his real axe u can get after doomwood part 2 finishes probably

What are the best weapons in AQWorlds?

The best one is Platnium Axe of Destiny which is no longer avaliable.

Where can you find Shadow Terror Axe in aqworlds?

bone terror-strong monster battleunderbattleon

What is the use of bone grinder medal in aqw?

The use of the Bonegrinder Medal in AQWorlds is to make the axe of Artix!

How do you get the great gilead axe in aqworlds?

Go to /join gilead or go to gilead and deafeat earth elemental until you get it