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If your washer came with the standard siphon hose (most do), the virtual "on-off" switch is the black spray tip with the large orifice..or for the washers without individual tips..just the vari-nozzle on the end of the wand...then you must push the nozzle housing outward to the low pressure position. Chemical injectors typically only work in the low pressure mode. The low pressure mode is engaged when the black (large hole in center) nozzle is used. Simply lower your siphon hose into soap concentrate. It will automatically be diluted 10x when sucked out by the water rushing through the pump outlet.

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Q: How do you get the gas pressure washer to pick up bleach?
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What are some uses for a gas pressure washer?

A gas pressure washer helps to remove grime and buildup from a variety of materials. You could use a pressure washer to clean the siding on your home, wash your motor home, or rid your sidewalks and patios from moss and other undesirable buildup.

Is the amount of pressure in a gas powered pressure washer dependent on home water pressure?

No, it most cases it it the GPM demand

Can you use Syn ATF in your pressure washer pump?

No because the gas powered pressure washers do not take oil. They are 4 strokes. Gas only.

looking for a gas powered pressure washer at least 2500 psi used & cheap?

You can look for a gas powered washer at EZ Pawn in your area. You can call them at (407) 445-2582.

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When buying a power washer, one must decide on the PSI and whether to buy an electric or gas powered washer. Pressure Washer Direct offers a wide selection of pressure washers to choose from. Other retailers include Costco, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Rona and Canadian Tire.

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Do you need high water pressure to use a gas powered pressure washer?

No. Typically a gas pressure washer will use less water volume than if you turned your garden hose on full blast. The pressure washer does not depend upon water pressure, but it does need decent volume so be sure to turn your hose faucet to full open once connected.Normal house line pressure of 45-50gpm should work for most residential size pressure washers.A simple test would be to track the time it takes for your garden hose to fill a 2 gallon pail when opened fully vs the same time it would take to fill the bucket with your pressure washer. OK, maybe that second test is not so easy as the pressure will keep knocking the bucket over. Be safe now.

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