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i'm pretty sure you have to be a guardian. which really stinks. :,(

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Q: How do you get the frankencarrot in adventurequest with being a guardian?
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How do you get on too adventure quest without it being a guardian when its full?

You can't. You MUST be a Guardian to play AdventureQuest when the slots are full. Sorry.

AdventureQuest how to be a guardian?

Upgrade your account.

How do you get the guardian plates permanently on adventurequest?

You buy guardianship.

How do you get guardian armor on the game dragonfable for free?

If you have an Adventurequest account as a guardian. Then just verify it on Dragonfable

What does a guardian on adventurequest worlds do?

I think they're going to add a guardian armor for only those who verified their Guardian Account. -Atenzia

Does anyone have an AdventureQuest X-Guardian or Guardian account they don't want that they can give to me?

user: Hacker pass: hackzz123

What level is a guardian on adventurequest?

you don't need to be a exact lvl. on aq to be a guardian. But usally they are around lvl.70

Can someone please give me a adventurequest account that is a guardian?

I don't think someone is going to do that :]

Does anyone have a adventurequest account that they dont want that is a guardian that they could give me?

Get your own account.

What perks do you get on mechquest if you are a guardian on adventurequest?

In Tek's mechs go to the rare section and the verified sections at the bottom are unlocked

In AdventureQuest Worlds I see people with halos on their heads how do you get a halo too?

You have to be a member person.I think its called a Guardian. And it might be a limited time item.

Cheats for AdventureQuest?

There are many cheats. Full HP/MP replenish, Temporary Guardian, Instant Kill, Teleport to Admin-only area, etc.