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You can get the Crab Alley quest called "Trouble Underfoot" once you are level 12. Just speak to Sohomer Sunblade by using the teleporter in Triton Avenue next to Blad Raveneye.

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Q: How do you get the crab alley quest at wizard 101?
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Where is waterworks in Wizard 101?

Crab Alley

Do you need to pay money to play wizard 101?

Well, Wizard101 does require money but it is for the whole game, you can play all of Wizard City except a few areas (Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, Colossus Boulevard, Crab Alley, and Sunken City). You only get enough quest to level you to level nine, but you can get higher by farming bosses.

Is Selena Gomez coming back to wizard 101?

We're all not exactlye sure if Selena Gomez is coming back........but according to many other websites they believe that crab alley WILL be coming back,but not Selena.But I could've sworn I was looking at the Wizard101 news and it said they were bringing crab alley and the Selena Gomez quest BACK.But I don't know I that was just me.

Where can you buy aether on wizard 101?

In the game of Wizard101 created by Kingsisle you can buy Aether from the Bazaar in Olde Town, or farm for it in crab alley or Crustacean Empire

Why can't you go underwater in wizard 101?

In the first couple worlds, you can't because Kingsisle didn't think of that feature yet. However, in Crab Alley, and parts of Celestia, you can.

In Wizard 101 what is better Firecat Alley or Cyclops Lane?

cyclopys lane e fayrecat alley

How do you cancel a quest on the game Wizard 101?

by canceling it

What quest do you get the wraith pet in wizard 101?


How do you find krokotopia in wizard 101?

you must get a quest ( i think ) do get to Krokotopia in wizard 101. You must go to Bartlbey in Ravenwood.

How do you go to fire cat alley with out paying in wizard 101?

u cant

In wizard 101 what is the main boss in firecat alley?

fire elf curse

Where is Selena gomez in wizard 101?

Yes Selena Gomez does play wizard 101 i play 101 too,you have to be like 50 something to do her quest