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You can't, yet. It has not yet been released.

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Q: How do you get the armor on drakath on aqw?
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How do you get drakath's armor on aqw?

goto battleon then press armor shop then press scorpion assasin it is 30.000 gold

How to get drakath's armor free in aqw?

Simple answer: you can't. His armor has not yet been made an item for players to use.

How do you become drakath in aqw?

You can't

What is drakaths real name in aqw?


How do you unlock Drakath's Account in AQW?

by getting choronmancer class

How do you find drakath on aqw?

You can't hes not in the game yet to see him.

How do you drakath's armor?

Although I really would love to have it as well as you, i think it only comes out as a drop when you fight drakath :(

Will you be able to fight drakath in aqw?

i think so at the end of the game it will be a long time for all 13 lords of choas to come out once defeated all you will probably fight drakath

How did drakath in aqw become chaorupted?

he was born the Champion of Chaos so since his birth he has been chaorrupted

Were do you fight drath in aq world?

There is no drath in AQW. If you mean Drakath, he is currently not available to fight yet.

Where can you make an AQW armor?

you can't

What is the code of fantasy armor in aqw?

the ways to get armor is gonna drop,quest reward or buy ac and gold.gladiator_211 aqw member.