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well unlucky but here is what to do!

1. Drink lots of whater

2. Try burping

3. do a handstand and burp

4. hit your back


6. Eat something smooth like a yogurt

7. go hee hee in a croaky voice

if none of these work then go to the doctors! hope i helped :D bananas it really helps

ok do NOT panic. it will just make it worse. Slap you back or do the Heim-whatever menuver . if that dosnet work GET TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIEATLEY! you could choke and there is a chance you could die.

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Q: How do you get something that is stuck in your throat out?
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What if you have something stuck in your throat?

eat a banana.

How do you remove the lid of a jel pen from your throat?

If you have something stuck in your throat then you need to go to the ER.

Feels like something is stuck in your throat?

Go to the doctor.

What would cause burning in throat nasty taste in mouth and a sensation of something stuck in throat?

Oral Thrush what is it?

If theres something in my throat will i be able to swallow other foods?

If there is something stuck in your throat that is causing a blockage in the esophagus, you will not be able to swallow other foods.

If your cat had something stuck in throat would he be sleeping?

If the cat had something stuck in his throat he would unlikely be sleeping. He would be choking or trying to vomit it back out, or perhaps swallow it. In a more severe case, he might even be struggling for breath. If you believe your cat has something in his throat, it is highly recommended to take him to a vet immediately.

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If something is stuck in my throat will i choke?

If an object or food is stuck in a persons throat, they will choke if it is a life threatening situation. In most cases, the object or food will flow through the digestive tract as it turns into fecal matter.

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