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Usually a cough won't go away in just 24 hours. Coughing is a mechanism the body uses to rid itself of foreign matter in the lungs (phlegm, food particles, etc.). Sometimes a cough is caused by irritation in the back of the throat. Sinus draingage can cause alot of coughing. Taking an antihistimine or a decogestant can stop some of the sinus drainage that causes a cough. Cough medications can lessen a cough but do do not stop it completely. My mom always swore by taking a shot of whiskey when she had a cough, but you have to realize whiskey is alcohol and alcohol is a drying agent. I like to take honey, lemon juice and whiskey mixed together as a cough med. Honey has natural healing agents, lemon juice cuts the sweetness and the whiskey is drying. A prescription cough med often contains either codeine or hydrocodone both which act on the cough center of the brain and ease a cough very well.

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Q: How do you get rid orf a caugh in 24 hours?
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