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delete the game

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Q: How do you get rid of your file in DragonVale?
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How do you get rid of your file on DragonVale?

Delete the app then get it again? I always do that...

How do you get rid of the account pop up screen in DragonVale?

You don't. Just ignore it.

How do you get rid of caluses?

The best way to get rid of a calus is to file it off with a nail file.

How do you get rid of HTML?

open HTML file, delete "code", save file

How do you download DragonVale for PC?

There is no dragonvale for PC

What are reedem codes for dragonvale?

DragonVale does not have redeem codes.

What are nicknames for DragonVale?

DragonVale is sometimes referred to as DV.

Can you sell the nursery in DragonVale?

No you can't sell the Nursery on DragonVale.

How do you get dragonvale?

DragonVale is a free download in the Apple App Store.

How do you get a birthstone dragon on DragonVale?

There is no such thing as a Birthstone Dragon on DragonVale

How do you get rid of a dat file in computer?

It would depend on the name of the dat file. If it is used by the operating system then you will not be able to delete that file.

Can you get DragonVale on nook color?

No, DragonVale is only available for iOS devices.