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Q: How do you get rid of the white stuff on your tongue?
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What could white stuff be on a baby's tongue be?


How do you get rid of the white stuff in paint?

you don't

Can you use glycerin to get rid of white tongue?

i would like to know if glycerin works on white tounge

What if tongue is white after piercing?

Go see a doctor. You either have an infection (white stuff on the surface of the tongue) or may have injured something (a tongue should be pink if it has adequate blood flow.)

How do you get rid of lie bumps on your tongue?

If you are referring to the tiny white bumps on your tongue, I use white vinagar mixed half with water, gargle, spit out, they dissappear in one day.

Is it normal to have small red bumps with white stuff on it on the back of tongue?

yes it normal

Does Azithromycin work for white tongue?

I had "white tongue" for about 20 years. I saw many doctors, did hours of research and tried just about every method to rid myself of this frustrating affliction. I found myself having to trim my tongue with scissors up to twice a day. I was spending way too much time being preoccupied with trying to be rid myself of the white tongue stuff. The feeling of having a layer of thick white moss on my tongue was so uncomfortable and frustrated me so much that I eventually attempted suicide and would soon become a frequent patient at the psych hospital. It might sound silly, but it's difficult being in a relationship with anyone when there's this incurable white stuff on ones tongue. Last year I came down with sinus + upper respiratory infection. The doctor gave me Azithromycin and what do you know?! Totally gone. It's been about a year and a half now and my tongue is still nice and healthy. I'm so much happier now! :)

How can you get rid of those white spots on your tongue that is itchy?

May be a pharmacist of your confidence can indicate to you a proper medicine.

How do you take care of your tongue?

you scrub using the back of the toothbrush. It helps take out the white stuff on your tongue.

How do i get rid of the white stuff in my pants?

you pull it out and throw it away

Is there any way to get rid of white furry tongue for good?

It sounds like you have thrush... go see a doctor!

Is it normal for white stuff to come out of an 18-year-old girl's vagina if she has a lot of sex?

If you have white stuff coming out you could have an infection. The white stuff is called discharge. If you are discharging you need to go see a doctor so they can give you something to get rid of it.