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Dont wear nail varnish and bang your feet with a hammer, wash it but dont clean it.

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Q: How do you get rid of the iodine ticture color yellow from my toenails?
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What color is a looofernoodle?

loofernoodles are usally purple and teal with pink toenails and yellow nostrils

Does iodine color rocks a red color?

No, iodine does not colour rocks red. However, a presence of chromium in rocks emits a red colour when exposed to yellow/green light.

What is the color of the precipitate created when Lead II nitrate is mixed with potassium iodine?


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The color of the chromosomes stained in a onion cell is usually a deep purple.

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The chemical reaction that occurs is little particles in the air react with your skin and turns the color yellow. Iodine kills your skin and will eventually turn it black.

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Orange-browny yellow. Hard to tell; looks like a combination of warm colours.

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Yes, it may appear yellow due to oxidation of iodide ions

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Yellow; the insoluble precipitate Lead(II) iodide is created

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When iodine is added to starch it turns a blackish color due to a chemical reaction.

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It would turn a dark purple color. Some may also say it is somewhat a blue-black.

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