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Dark circles around your eyes is usually caused by lack of sleep. Sleeping more is key to decreasing black circles around your eyes. Make sure your sleeping for a right amount of time.

Being comfortable counts to! How can you get a good night's sleep, if your not comfortable? Make sure you have enough pillows to support your neck - so you don't get pains in your neck the next morning.

Having a bed time snack is useful to. Try having a peanut butter or turkey sandwich! Both peanut butter, and turkey make you tired. A glass of water should help too.

Exercising during the day is also useful, try doing a few laps around your yard, or go on a treadmill - something that will make you tired afterwards.

Having a soothing, quiet and peaceful bath a least an hour before you go to bed relaxes your body, and should eventually make you a 'wee' bit more tired afterwards.

Allergies and genetics are responsible for chronic under eye circles, sleeping won't help those. Try a good cover stick.

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Q: How do you get rid of dark circles around eyes?
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What home Remini I can use for dark circles circles my eyes?

Almond oil, cucumbers, and raw potatoes are three popular home remedies for getting rid of dark circles around the eyes. Lemon juice is another popular option.

How can you get rid of dark circles around your eyes with out make up or eye cream?

Getting enough sleep or try putting cold used teabags over your eyes for about 20 minutes (:

What to do with dark circles under eyes?

Okay..if you want to get rid of the dark circles, i suggest you either rest more often, maybe sleep early, or just get as much rest as you can.

How do you get rid black circles around the eye after injury?

you can use cucumber juice, reduce the black circles and massage the eyes and get the eyes relaxed

What are the simple ways to remove the dark circles?

One simple way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes is to put wet coffee grounds on your eyes. The caffeine rejuvinates the skin. Tea bags will also work!

Best treatment to get rid of dark circles under eyes?

After washing the potatoes, peel them and leave them under your eyes to get rid of unsightly puffiness. If you have dark circles, I recommend that you use a bit of foundation, cover-up, or concealer that matches your skin tone.

How can you get rid of your dark circles?

Dark circles under your eyes? Drink less coffee, coffee has ingredients that could do that, or coffee masks fatigue (which is what most commonly causes the darker appearance of the skin).

What vitamins are good to take for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes?

Just use concealer, or get more sleep

What fruit or vegetable helps to lighten dark circles under eyes?

Some tips for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes are to fix nasal congestion, get a good sleep, change nutrition and quit smoking. One can also use natural remedies, such as cucumbers.

I have dark bags under my eyes. How do I get rid of them?

You cant get rid of dark circles, they are hareditory. You can only use concealer to discuise them.

Does aloe vera get rid of dark circles?

Depends on the person. I have noticed that my dark circles aren't as bad in the morning if I put aloe vera under my eyes right before I go to sleep at night. If nothing else works, there are a lot of good make up tutorials on Youtube that can show you how to hide dark circles.

How do you get ride of the blakness under the eyes?

How you can get rid of your dark circles is using some concealer which is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. You could also check out Bubz video on YouTube, just search in "Bye Bye, Dark Circles!"