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Never fails: Heat. Apply a heating pad over your bronchial tubes (and your lungs and upper resperatory tract, too, if your heating pad is large enough) and get them as warm as you can for as long as you can. Then drink hot water, and get under an electric blanket if you can, and burn it out.

There's a reason mustard packs and Vicks Vaporub on the bronchial tubes have always been popular remedies. But the heating pad does the trick without the stink or the expense.

-- Mom of seven who hasn't lost one yet

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Q: How do you get rid of a throaty cough?
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cough syrup

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It is good for chronic cough and helps to get rid of the mucus. It is not a cough sedative.

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i have had a bad cough for the past week now and idon't no how to get rid of it. it keeps me up most of the night and i have a runny nose aswell. i have had some soothers but that dosent seem to be working if you no how to get rid of a bad cough please tell me thank you x okay to get rid of a cough try to eat some salt with your orange juice or something else as long as it was salt in it

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just get a lot of rest

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-What are the symptons? -What can you do to get rid of them?

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No. Throaty is an adjective. The rarely-used adverb form is throatily.

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Honey and lemon juice may help :)

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Any cough lasting longer than two weeks should be investigated by a physician.