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Q: How do you get rid od blood clots in my leg and lungs?
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How do you get rid of blood clot in your leg?

Preventing blood clots in your legs is very essential, as prevention can save your life or prevent excessive blood loss from the body. It can also help in saving muscles for leg that helps in carrying blood across body.

The blood receives this in lungs?

In the lungs, the blood receives O2 while getting rid of CO2

What happens after the blood reaches the lungs and the lungs get rid of the excess wastes?

you breathe out xx

Where does blood get rid of carbon dioxide?

No. The red blood cells get oxygen at the lungs, not drop off carbon dioxide.

Why is it not necessary to send all the blood to the lungs?

It has to get oxygen and get rid of CO2

Is there a way to get rid of blood clots from your period?

drink plenty of water and tea before your cycle, stay away from sweets and unhealthy foods. That's what creates blood clots. Advil and the fetal position may also help.

Why is it unnecessary for all of the blood to enter the lungs in a fetus?

It has to get oxygen and get rid of CO2

What does it mean if your periods are 2 weeks earlyd has a lot of clots?

you might have alot of eggs and blood to be rid of

The Main Reason why blood is pumped by the heart into the lungs?

The lungs provide for gas exchange between the blood and the air. So when your heart pumps blood to your lungs, the lungs provide an area for blood to absorb oxygen from the air we breath in and to rid its self of excess carbon dioxide, which is then exhaled.

What purpose do the different sections of the lungs serve?

the lungs take in oxygen from the air into the blood. it gets rid of the carbon dioxide.

If you have a blood clot in your knee when pregnant can you get surgery on it and if you do not get surgery what will happen?

yes you can get surgery,if you don't you will get more blood clots and you could become paralized blood clots can kill you, the blood cant flow to the rest of the leg, so then it would turn black and die, but all that blood trying to flow that way would start getting bad since it wasnt getting filtered so that blood would become toxic and can kill you, you must take some blood thinner right away and be watched by a doctor for it to go away. blood thinner wiill normally get rid of blood clots with in a few hours. ------------------------- no that's not true. blood thinners cant get rid of blood clots within a few hours. that's 100% absolutely wrong. i just had a pulminary embelysm which means i have two blood clots in my lung. why it is dangerous what the previous answer said is incorrect. it doesnt cut off all blood flow to the leg, it just makes it harder which gives you a sharp pain. it wont kill your leg from making your blood toxic. if this does happen you don't got o a doctor, you need to go to a hospital. they run some tests, and usually a catscan to see if there are some blood clots, and if there are you will be admitted to the hospital. which this is dangerous during pregnancy there are some precautions they can take. bt you will typcially be administered a drip blood thinner like heparin till your blood level becomes therapudic, then they put you on an oral blood thinner such as cumadic. it typically means you have to be on this pill for 6 months give or take. blood clots can be the cause if you are taking birth control, or maybe recently had surgery. hope this helped rather than the answer previously which was incorrect. next time they should only give advice if they actually know what they are talking about.

Where does the blood take carbon dioxide from repiration to be got rid of?

Towards the lungs where the lungs strip away the co2 and replace it with oxygen