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You click on the guy who stands outside Hades's palace and clean the grafitti by going back and forth over it. After your done cleaning, the dude will give you a drachma.

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Q: How do you get money from poptropica mythology island?
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How do you get money on poptropica's Mythology Island?

by finshing the island

How do you get the red rose on Mythology Island on Poptropica?

how do you get the red rose on mythology island from poptropica?

Is Poseidon found in mythology or is he found on Poptropica?

Poseidon is found on Mythology Island, which is a Poptropica island.

Where do you ge the starfish on mythology island on poptropica?

From the museum in Mythology island.

What is poptropica mythology island about?

It is all about greek mythology

Where is greese in Poptropica?

mythology island

Where are the pomergranetes on Poptropica?

its in mythology island

What island are the muses on poptropica?

Mythology Island, in the museum.

What are the monsters of Greek mythology?

go on poptropica mythology island

What island was after Mythology Island on Poptropica?

The 13th island of Poptropica was Skullduggery Island, released on June 17, 2010.

How do you get to Mythology Island poptropica?

Take the blimp until you see Mythology Island, then land the blimp there.

Where is the minotaur cave in Poptropica?

Mythology Island.