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Q: How do you get into the sun shrine sims agents?
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Where can you find the horn in your sims agents?

Its in a box in the moon shrine and you have to repair the box in order to get the horn.

How do you open the chests in the sun temple in Sims agents?

With the shapes

What is the answer to the door in your Sims Agents?

In Little Lea Lake in My Sims Agents the answer to the door before thief v can get it is 50

Where is Michelle on your sims agents?

If you are talking about My Sims agents DS then she is in the east village and here house is opposite the Tailor's.

How do you get through the temple on My Sims Agents?

well first you have to power the pedastels that open up the temple. in one area there is the sun and moon shrines. I suggest that you do the sun shrine first cause theres a guy blocking the moon shrine plus in the sun shrine you have to find the torch and you also find this golden lock thing after you search forevidence on the laptop and when you give to him he goes to the sun shrine and you can go in the moon shrine. Theres a mummy thing and a box and have to fix the box in order to get the magical horn. You can salvage parts for the water pump. Then you when go into the forest you have to talk to this lemuire and when you get back to the area then hes on the pedastel and you power his. Then you ask evelyn to hold the torch and she stands on a pedastel then you ask buddy to play the magical horn and he stands on a pedastel. when have fixed the water pump then you ask linsendy to stand on a pedastel and all the pedastels are powered then your good to go.

Where can you find the helicopter in sims agents?

My Sims Agents Questions-Where is the helicopter? the helicopter is at you head quarters and is on the very top floor

How do you fix the bike in My Sims agent?

how do you fix the bike in my sims agents

What is better my sims agents on Wii or ds?

I find My Sims Agents wii is better, but it doesn't take very long to beat.

Where is Nikki on your Sims Agents?

I haven't seen her on mysims agents at all. Sorry

Who vandalized the chalet in your sims agents?


On my sims agents how do you get in the sewer?

you have to get that sewing job.

What is the door combination sims agents?