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Q: How do you get infinite health in cs 1.6?
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Is there a infinite health glitch for MW2 ps3?

No, there is no infinite health glitch for MW2.

How do you get infinite health on monster hunter?

There is no cheat or glitch to give yourself infinite health in Monster Hunter.

Advance wars 2 gameshark codes?

[M] Must Be On 9BAD7228855A 66075A70D87F D318273573E1 No Fog of War 4853DB6815D6 Always Day 1 3C5F9B25F575 50,000 G (Shop) 906EB7756332 50,000 G (In-Battle) 35689E67E7B6 Collect 1000 per Win B4E8BCE7E4F6 CO Power Maxed 12499A3771F5 Activate Power Mode [Press B+Up] 5CD59BC09C2D 495247021FF8 Activate Super Mode [Press B+Down] F975A9C00E2D 5340C6225FFA Always Rank S 500E57363160 Have all Teams 6FB9C294A00D Have all Color Edits 2FBB0B95E008 2FB98A95A009 Have all Battle Maps 4ED65590CA84 EF33604ADFDB Unlock Hard Campaign AD38BC5FB1D4 Unlock Sound Room B528BC3FB1D4 War Room Mastered A956BF11597D B523282BDF8F 14E40C318BFF B523282BDF8F All Units - Infinite Health/Rounds B1ECB4BD63C7 F5666430DA6B All Units - Infinite Rations With this code on you'll be unable to load carriers. 6A7CDCDC6155 F5666430DA6B Unit #1 - Infinite Health 9188A6B763E3 Unit #1 - Infinite Rounds ADFDA04DF703 Unit #1 - Infinite Rations 4A18DED661F5 Unit #1 - Infinite Turns Press B on any unit to restore turn. 970C2E17F367 2C38944DF5D3 Unit #2 - Infinite Health D1CDEAAC6747 Unit #2 - Infinite Rounds EDB8EC56F3A7 Unit #2 - Infinite Rations 0A5D92CD6551 Unit #2 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 6C30DC48DDDF Unit #3 - Infinite Health 91C5A2A94F4B Unit #3 - Infinite Rounds ADB0A453DBAB Unit #3 - Infinite Rations 4A55DAC84D5D Unit #3 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 2C759053D97B Unit #4 - Infinite Health D180EEA84FCF Unit #4 - Infinite Rounds EDF5E852DB2F Unit #4 - Infinite Rations 0A1096C94DD9 Unit #4 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 6C38DC56F1F7 Unit #5 - Infinite Health B5EDA0B7E363 Unit #5 - Infinite Rounds 8998A64D7783 Unit #5 - Infinite Rations 6E7DD8D6E175 Unit #5 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 085D924D7553 Unit #6 - Infinite Health F5A8ECB6E3E7 Unit #6 - Infinite Rounds C9DDEA4C7707 Unit #6 - Infinite Rations 2E3894D7E1F1 Unit #6 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 4855DA485D5F Unit #7 - Infinite Health B5A0A4B3CBEB Unit #7 - Infinite Rounds 89D5A2495F0B Unit #7 - Infinite Rations 6E30DCD2C9FD Unit #7 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 081096495DDB Unit #8 - Infinite Health F5E5E8A8CF4F Unit #8 - Infinite Rounds C990EE525BAF Unit #8 - Infinite Rations 2E7590C9CD59 Unit #8 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 485DDA567177 Unit #9 - Infinite Health B5A8A4ADE7C3 Unit #9 - Infinite Rounds 89DDA2577323 Unit #9 - Infinite Rations 6E38DCCCE5D5 Unit #9 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 0818965771F3 Unit #10 - Infinite Health 40CDDAF66167 Unit #10 - Infinite Rounds 7CB8DC0CF587 Unit #10 - Infinite Rations 9B5DA2976371 Unit #10 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 4810DE5259FF Unit #11 - Infinite Health 00C592F3496B Unit #11 - Infinite Rounds 3CB09409DD8B Unit #11 - Infinite Rations DB55EA924B7D Unit #11 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 BD75A009DF5B Unit #12 - Infinite Health 4080DEF249EF Unit #12 - Infinite Rounds 7CF5D808DD0F Unit #12 - Infinite Rations 9B10A6934BF9 Unit #12 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 FD38EC0CF7D7 Unit #13 - Infinite Health 00CD92ED6543 Unit #13 - Infinite Rounds 3CB89417F1A3 Unit #13 - Infinite Rations DB5DEA8C6755 Unit #13 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 BD7DA017F373 Unit #14 - Infinite Health 4088DEEC65C7 Unit #14 - Infinite Rounds 7CFDD816F127 Unit #14 - Infinite Rations 9B18A68D67D1 Unit #14 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 FD75E812DB7F Unit #15 - Infinite Health 008096E94DCB Unit #15 - Infinite Rounds 3CF59013D92B Unit #15 - Infinite Rations DB10EE884FDD Unit #15 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 BD30A413DBFB Unit #16 - Infinite Health 64E5D8F2C96F Unit #16 - Infinite Rounds 5890DE085D8F Unit #16 - Infinite Rations BF75A093CB79 Unit #16 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 D95DEA0C7757 Unit #17 - Infinite Health 24A894F7E1E3 Unit #17 - Infinite Rounds 18DD920D7503 Unit #17 - Infinite Rations FF38EC96E3F5 Unit #17 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 9918A60D77D3 Unit #18 - Infinite Health 64EDD8ECE547 Unit #18 - Infinite Rounds 5898DE1671A7 Unit #18 - Infinite Rations BF7DA08DE751 Unit #18 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 D910EE085FDF Unit #19 - Infinite Health 24E590E9CD4B Unit #19 - Infinite Rounds 1890961359AB Unit #19 - Infinite Rations FF75E888CF5D Unit #19 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 9955A2135B7B Unit #20 - Infinite Health 64A0DCE8CDCF Unit #20 - Infinite Rounds 58D5DA12592F Unit #20 - Infinite Rations BF30A489CFD9 Unit #20 - Infinite Turns 970C2E17F367 D918EE1673F7 Blue Team - Weak Units 5C5CD606BD78 F5666430DA6B Blue Team - No Rations 444E5766FD7B F5666430DA6B Blue Team - No Funds 5140C6385BDB Blue Team - No Power E460F462DDFB Blue Team - Infinite Health/Rounds A1ECBCFD2BCA F5666430DA6B Blue Team - Infinite Rations 7A7CD49C2958 F5666430DA6B Blue Team - Infinite Funds 7525D278CB1A Blue Team - Max Power FF34E408DF5B Green Team - Weak Units 4C5CDE46BD7C F5666430DA6B Green Team - No Rations 544E5F26FD7F F5666430DA6B Green Team - No Funds A460BC79D9DF Green Team - No Power 8040BE635DFF Green Team - Infinite Health/Rounds B1ECB4BD2BCE F5666430DA6B Green Team - Infinite Rations 6A7CDCDC295C F5666430DA6B Green Team - Infinite Funds 8005A839491E Green Team - Max Power 9B14AE095F5F Yellow Team - Weak Units 5C5CDE06FD7D F5666430DA6B Yellow Team - No Rations 444E5F66BD7E F5666430DA6B Yellow Team - No Funds C048F67C71D3 Yellow Team - No Power 6568C466F7F3 Yellow Team - Infinite Health/Rounds A1ECB4FD6BCF F5666430DA6B Yellow Team - Infinite Rations 7A7CDC9C695D F5666430DA6B Yellow Team - Infinite Funds E42DE23CE112 Yellow Team - Max Power 7E3CD40CF553

Can you get infinite health on assassins creed 2?

For Desmond, that's granted at the beginning of the game. For Ezio, no you can not get infinite health.

In gta vcs can you get infinite health?

No, But When You Beat & Get 100% On The Game You Get Infinite Bullets.

Can you get infinite health cheat on oblivion ps3?

No...there is no way to get infinite health in oblivion...the cheapest way to stay alive is too multiply LOADS of health potions and hotkey them...

Is there invicibility or infit MP for kingdom hearts 2 for ps2?

You can only activate a Infinite Health or an Infinite MP cheat if you hack with a GameShark. There is a separate cheat for Infinite Health (Gummi).

Can you buy ckeat codes for Resident Evil 4?

Yes you can buy cheat codes for resident evil 4. If you have a playstation 2 you should buy a gameshark 2. These are the codes given: infinite health (you) infinite health (partner) infinite ammo infinite grenades infinite PTAS max health (you) max health (partner) max PTAS Saves equal 0 Never get squashed by boulders

Is there an infinite health cheat for cod black ops zombies or infinite ammo?

i think infinite ammo, i did it on the PC version

How do you get infinite health on blackops?

all you have to do is die

How do you get infinite health on Roblox?

You have to get god mode

What is the infinite life code for Grand Theft Auto 3 for ps2?

there is none, but their is a health cheat and an armor cheat.