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If there's no noticeable stumble or hesitation, it's usually not the carb. A good free-flowing exhaust system helps, as well as a cam designed to maximize economy.

Also, if you drive like there is an egg under your right foot, you'll get better mileage.

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Q: How do you get better gas mileage on edelbrock 600 on a Chevy 350?
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How do you set a edelbrock carburetor on a 1985 Chevy 350?

edelbrock has a square flange gasket fo it

Does a edelbrock carb from a 318 Chrysler fit a 350 Chevy?

Yes. Consult Edelbrock's website for specific details.

Where is the oil filler cap on a edelbrock 350 small block?

on an edelbrock 350 ? you mean Chevy 350 with edelbrock parts on it ? try the valve cover. open it up by unscrewing it or it may be just a pop of cap and puth the oil right in the valve cover just like every other 350 .

How do you attach throttle linkage and cruise control on 85 Chevy Scottsdale 350 to 600 CFM Edelbrock?

Check with Edelbrock to see if they offer the correct adapters.

What should the timing be set at on a Chevy 350 with an edelbrock performer cam and manifold?

10-12 degrees

Gas mileage for a 1987 Chevy G20 van with a 350 engine?

12 mpg

How do you install a edelbrok carburetor on a 350 Chevy engine?

The Edelbrock carbs work very well right out of the box, so if you have the correct intake manifold it should bolt right on with no problems. The Edelbrock website has all the info you need for tuning and connectivity.

What is better a 350 Chevy or 350 rocket?

id take the rocket my self it has a little more power than the Chevy 350

What size edelbrock is optimal for a 350?

600 cfm no 1406.

Did they make a 4 barrel intake manifold for a Chevy 350 with centerbolt valve covers?

yes, from either jegs or summitt etc. made by edelbrock, and one by holley

What is the gas mileage for a 1983 Chevy G20 350 conversion van?

8-16 mpg

Will a edelbrock carb work on a 350 small block engine?