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your simply beat the quests in dragon's lair

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Q: How do you get a dragon lord class in aqw?
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Where do you get defender class on aqw?

From the gardian, dragon lord, or starcaptin shops in the gaurdian tower in battleon.

What is a code for dragonlord in aqw?

it allows you to have dragonlord class on aqw, the code is the log in details for a dragon fable account. The dragon fable account nust be a dragon lord on that game for the code to work. (you have to have a dragon amulet).

Is Dragon lord member only for aqw?

no its not...but required dragon lord upgrade on dragonfable

What is better star lord or dragon lord aqw?

Dlord ftw

What is the paladin high lord class code for aqw?


What is the best class for members in aqw?

Well i think it can be evolved Clawsuit,pumpkin lord and Paladin.

Where do you enter the code for the dragon lord class?

You dont have a code for it. You have to buy a dragon fable upgrade to get dragon lord and verify it in account management

Is there any way to get free dragonlord class on aqw?

nope, unless you have dragon amulet, i want it too, but im now getting the necromancer class.

How do you become a guardian in aqw?

You can only be a guardian on AQ. just like on mechquest you can only be a star captain and on dragon fable you can only be a dragon lord and on AQW you can be a member. He say right but you can be look like a guradian you buy a guardian amor and guardian blade and equip it.

How do you get the dragon koi sword in aqw?

from my best guess, you have to defeat chaos lord kitsune a few times and he may drop it. /join kitsune

Where to find tomix in aqworlds?

Guardian Tower, He Sells Dragon Lord class to people with dragon amulets

How do you get barber class aqw?

The Barber class was a special event class like pumpkin lord it is pretty rare because it will probaly not be available again sry :)but you could get rouge class it has the same attack.