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by shouting ABC twenty million times really LOUD

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Q: How do you get a croaky voice and throat?
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What are signs that your voice is beginning to deepin?

This usually but not always starts with a croaky voice or a sore throat that may last a while.

When your voice comes back from laryngits is it normal to be croaky at first?

Yes. Your vocal cords need time to heal so until they make a full recovery your throat will be a little croaky. No need to worry.

What does hoarse means?

When you have a raspy voice and almost lost it.

Your voice has been experiencing uncontrolable changes for months now but recently has become croaky and is not a sore throat does this mean it is breaking?

Yes, it may well mean that your voice is breaking. At the stage of puberty where you voice breaks you may experience several changes, some of which are sore throats and squeaky, uncontrollable sounds. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

What does a frog in the throaght mean?

Hoarseness in speech, usually momentary; or a hoarse cough. BTW: Throat, not 'throaght'

Is the voice box on the left side of the throat?

The voice box is medial in the throat,

What is a sentence using the word disuse?

The disuse of the old factory led to its deterioration and eventual closure.

Why is your voice croaky you are 11 nearly 12?

Sounds like your are beginning puberty. Your larynx is beginning to get longer and that means you voice is starting to get deeper. It will be fully complete about age 15.

If a frog is losing his voice do you say he has a frog in his throat or a human in his throat?

Another frog in its own throat

What rhymes with croaky?


What is synonym of hoarse?


How do you stop your voice from cracking?

A person's voice usually cracks from their throat being dry. Drinking plenty of fluids will help keep the throat lubricated to help prevent the voice from cracking.