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Q: How do you gain magatama in ninja saga?
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How do you hack ninja saga magatama?

you can't hack the magatama

How can you get free magatama in ninja saga?

ninja sagada magatama ne işe yarıor

How do you get magatama on ninja saga?

You fight the monsters in the Hunting House.

How do you get ninja saga magatama?

depends what lvl you are because you atleast need to be lvl 10 to unlock hunting house if you beat a boss you will get ether magatama or a weapon

How do you get amaterasu in ninja saga?

you get amaterasu by unlocking mangekyo sharingan but after that you have to have to be able to use tskuyomi then you will get amaterasu

How do you say do you like ninja saga in spanish?

"¿Te gusta Ninja Saga?"

Who is the ninja saga adic and the best?

janrey ivanis the adic of ninja saga

How do you cheat ninja saga token on facebook?

You can't cheat in Ninja Saga!!

What is the password of ninja saga pro v2.1?

Ninja Saga Pro v2.1

Where can you find code of ninja saga?

wher can you find code of ninja saga?

What is the 16 digit claim codes in ninja saga?

ano po code po sa ninja saga

Where to find Manji sai sword in ninja saga?

from i will get elegent sai in ninja saga?