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First check the feet to ensure that it is level. If it is level and still having this problem, it may be the springs that hold the inner tub in place that need replaced or repaired.

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Q: How do you fix a washing machine that seems to be off balance all the time and wont drain?
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Is It Better to Repair a Washing Machine or Buy a New One?

If your washing machine starts to leak, it can be a headache and it can also be like finding a needle in a haystack to find out where the leak is coming from. The problem could be as simple as a bust hose or as worse as a gasket that has gone bad. Replacing a hose is easy but what is it’s a gasket? You can definitely repair a washing machine yourself but how handy are you? Are you good at disassembly and reassembly? Do you have the proper tools (torque wrenches, for example)? You will save money, although not much, by doing it yourself. If you’re not handy, you could call a washing machine repair company to come out and try to diagnose the problem. If you have a newer washing machine, check to see if you’re warranty has run out because there is a possibility that the warranty will cover all washing machine repair costs. But if you have an older machine, then you are automatically stuck with all of the costs. Here’s the catch – after coming out to look at the washing machine, parts and labor for fixing it the costs could be somewhere between $200 - $300 easily. So, with that being the case, it’s safe to say that for another $50 - $100 you could purchase a brand new washing machine that has a warranty. The main thing is that you’ll have a warranty to cover your if something goes wrong, for the duration of the warranty, so make sure that you good a good deal with good coverage. If buying a brand new washing machine seems a little too costly and the washing machine repair guy wants to go deep into your pockets, you can always search the internet for used washing machines that are in good working condition. Often times, when people are moving from state to state or downsizing from a bigger space to a smaller one, the first thing to get sold is the washing and dryer set. If you can find a good deal from someone that just wants to get rid of excess appliances, $100 - $200 to solve your problem all together. Especially if the washer happens to be a newer model than the one you currently own. Let’s face it, you can’t let those dirty clothes pile up.

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Your drain is clogged. Call a sewer and drain cleaning pro to have the line snaked. Do not use drain cleaning chemicals.

Is it safe to lay a washing machine on its side or back during a move?

Hi, found this link which may answer your question - it seems to indicate that it's best to move it on its back. In fact, here's the whole article so you don't have to look it up First of all, disassemble it, meaning unplug it from electricity and disconnect the hoses. It's best to disconnect the hoses actually a day or so before you move the washing machine - this way they can dry. Then you should put them in a plastic bag, close it by putting a knot inside or use a zip-lock back, and put it inside the drum so it can't get lost. Next step is to actually take out as much water as possible from the washing machine before actually transporting it. There is always some water left in a washing machine that will usually start dropping out once you lift it up and carry it around a bit. It's just water, but it's a bit of an annoyance to the people carrying it and can cause a puddle in your car - the same care where you put your cardboard boxes. Can you imagine what happens when one of your cardboardboxes gets wet on the bottom and stays in a car for a couple of hours? Then you lift it up and… right - it will just break and all the stuff that was in the moving box will fall on the ground and might break. If you have an AEG washing machine you're pretty lucky, because they usually have an easy mechanism that allows you to drain out all the water. But otherwise, you'll have to lean the washing machine forward (to where the door is) and try to get out all the water this way. The next thing is that you have to find a way to fixate the washing machines drum. You don't want it to spin around. When a washing machine comes out of the factory it has what are called "transit bolts" - but most likely you don't have those anymore. So how to fixate the drum of your washing machine? Just use a rope and put it through the holes and tie it that way. Or stick a towel between the drum and the sides of the machine. Somtimes nothing will happen when you transport a washing machine without a fixated drum, and the most often problem is that the suspension spring will have to be readjusted. But it CAN also cause more serious trouble, and quiet frankly I'd rather save the time and hustle that is even involved with such a minor thing as an suspension spring. Next thing is the actual transporting. Sorry - no magic pill here. It's just pure labour. Get some good, non-slippery gloves so at least your hands won't hurt as bad. If you don't have to carry it down the stairs you can just use a hand truck. But a hand truck usually doesn't make it easier when you have to carry it down (or up) the stairs. I suggest you put lots of old towels in your car and maybe make use of a tarp. If you don't use a moving truck but instead just your own car and load it in the trunk, then should protect the boot lip of your car by putting a sheet of plywood on it - this will distribute the weight of the washing machine more evenly. Be sure that when you drive a washing machine around in your own car, don't drive over big bumps fastly, otherwise it might be very strenous on your cars suspension. A washing machine should optimally always be in upright position. If you for some reason can't do that, then the best way is to put it on it's back. But make sure that there is no leftover water inside in that case, cause otherwise the water might actually cause electrical damage inside the washing machine. And that's really all you need to know in order to transport your washing machine safely. Jim Thanks for the help Jim the only thing i would add is maybe transporting on the front is a bit safer. On the front i some water leaks inside the machine it is less likely to spill onto electrical components that are usually mounted on the back of the machine. If the machine is transported on its front it is also less likely to damage electrical and water connections usually mounted on the back of the machine while loading and unloading. Jason

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