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Q: How do you fix a three point that wont lift on a Massey Ferguson 202?
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How does diesel get in oil pan on 231 Massey Ferguson tractor?

the diaphram in the fuel lift pump goes bad and leaks fuel into the engine

Massey fergusion will not lift What is the problem?

the lift is bad

Where do you put hydraulic fluid in a Massey Ferguson 285?

to the left of the gear lever is a cap with a 1 1/16 bolt head on it. remove that cap and fill there. To check the level the is a small dipstick under the lift on the frame.

Why won't my 3 point hitch on my 1085 Massey Ferguson won't work. Lift will not go up?

check your hydraulic level because it may be low, but if you check and is on level then my peoples bad news you hydraulic might have gone out and might need to be rebuild, but check and just hope to god is just hydraulic level being low, if not then in not that much to rebuild as far as price goes I have seen rebuild kits on ebay for cheap. I hope this help you my American friends.

What are the three major parts of a lift truck overhead guard and hydraulic lift?


If i put 33x12.50 on your truck will you need a lift?

I have 33x12.5 on my truck and a three inch body lift

How many verses are in lift every voice and sing?

there are three verses in lift every voice and sing.

How much weight can the 3 point lift on a 3000 ford tractor?

the 3000 is factory rated to lift 1700 pounds.

Where are the lift- jacking points on a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim?

A lift jacking point is an area where one can place a jack to lift up a car. Generally, any firm, steady part of the vehicle's chassis is a good lift jacking point. Typically, owners' manuals recommend spots near the wheel well.

The front wheels of a lift truck serve as what between the weight of the truck and the weight of the load being carried?

Fulcrum Point

Why is it easyer to lift a meter stick from the middle than the end of one?

The centre of gravity would be at the mid point of the scale. So as we hold that particular portion and lift the scale then it will be easier. If we hold at one end and lift then the weight of the scale acting through the mid point would exert a torque whichmakes a rotary effect about the holding point. So it becomes so difficult.

What is a category 1 tractor?

Category 1 refers the the size of the three point hitch. The pin size for your lift arms is 7/8". You will find Category 2 hitches on tractors above 50 hp.