How do you fix a stuffy nose?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Lean your head back, and take a steamy shower. *Not at the same time

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Q: How do you fix a stuffy nose?
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Does your nose grow during puberty?

It will grow proportionally to the rest of the body

How to get rid of a stuffy nose and coughing?

You can get rid of a stuffy nose and coughing by using nasal sprays and cough syrups.

How do you relieve a stuffy nose?

You can't exactly cure a stuffy nose, but to make yourself feel better, you can drink chicken soup. You should try it, I drink it all the time when I have stuffy nose. It helps a lot. :D

What is stuffy nose and its causes?

a stuffy nose is when all the mucus in your body gets bloked at the top of your nostril and you find it hard to breathe out of !

How is stuffy nose diagnosed?

When you can't breathe through your "nose-holes", I'd say you had a stuffy nose! Don't start using nose spray!!! You might end up getting addicted to it!!!

Why is your nose so stuffy?

Because it has buggers.

How do use stuffy in a sentence?

The room felt hot and stuffy. My nose was stuffy, my head hurt, and I ached all over because I had a cold.

What is stuffy?

Well, basically stuffy means packed like when your nose is stuffy. Stuffy can also mean a stuffed animal. Sometimes people call stuffed animals stuffies.

How do you get rid of coughing and a stuffy nose within 9 days?

You can get rid of coughing and a stuffy nose by mixing a solution of 1 tablespoon to 8 ounces of water and squirt a few drops into your nose.

Why you get a stuffy nose?

Well you get a stuffy nose when scold is coming up so don't take the chance and take some medicne yours tylia cedeno

Can a hot shower help a stuffy nose?

Yes,taking a shower does help a stuffy nose. It makes it go away. I did it before and it works every time!

What do you have if you had just a stuffy nose for a month?

Check for allergies.