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Q: How do you feel on someone while they are sleep?
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Does it hurt when someone dies in their sleep?

no they dont feel it

How does someone in NREM sleep feel?

They don't. They're asleep.

What could you learn to do while your sleep?

learn to know when someone is in your presance while sleeping

Is it normal to feel like something or someone is touching your body while you are asleep and dreaming?

During REM sleep, when active dreaming is involved, it is not unusual to perceive that you are being touched.

Why do you always feel tired?

Because our bodies heel and recoup while we sleep.

What are women more likely to do while on vacation?

Sleep with someone they meet

Whats the meaning of lullaby from the spill canvas?

Someone's beloved is reassuring her that he will stay while she rests and make everything better. She'll feel alright if she just lets him put her to sleep with his care.

Why do people feel sleepy while their at work?

Inadequate sleep and stress at work causes the same.

Can someone make you sniff coacain while you are sleep?

Possibly, if you are a very deep sleeper.

What does it mean if you dream someone is ignoring you while someone else calls you names and causes you to get angrier than youve ever been before?

This dream is illustrating some experience or feeling you have had recently in real life. For example, you might feel ignored or neglected by supervisors while also being constantly distracted at work. Or, you might feel that you are being ignored by someone you like, while being pursued and bullied by someone you dislike. > This dream functions by relieving the stress of your frustrated, angry feelings while in the safe context of sleep. Your mind exaggerates your feelings so that more tension can be released.

What are different between dream and sleep?

Sleep can be done when you feel sleepy But dreams are not like that you can dream what ever you want at any time while you awake or while you traveling on your spare time as well !! If you have a dreams to achive you will never sleep, I mean you will try to achive them.

What does it mean when you announce someone is in the room while you're sleeping?

It means you're dreaming, and talking in your sleep.