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know I care

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Q: How do you feel better when you're sad?
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What is importance of jokes in your day to day life?

the importance of jokes is that when you feel sad or a friend feels sad you can help them feel better. (girls also like jokers :) )

If people listen to sad music will they become sad?

A lot of times listening to sad music when I'm feeling sad makes me feel better. It helps get the emotion out so you can move on.

What to do when youre sad because of your crush?

Build a bridge and get over it.

How can you feel sad again?

Do you mean that you want to feel sad again, or that you do feel sad again and wonder why?

What would you do and how would you feel if you faced in a disaster like Japan?

i would feel sad sad sad sad sad sad terrified and scared

Is a series of unfotunae event sad at the end?

sure if youre sad about a woman from vfd dying after giving birth

What do you do if your bored or sad?

If your bored or sad call a friend or do something you love to do. Your friends can help you feel better or get excited. Doing something can be a career for you. It can also make you happy like with me when I listen to music I feel better.

How can you make your long distance bf feel better when he's sad?

Say something hilarious?

Who is the creator of Jazz?

the slaves are really the creators they sang sad music so they could feel better.

When you are feel blue are you happy or sad?


What are some things you can talk to your girlfriend about on the phone when shes sad and wants you to make her feel better?

tell her how you feel about her and you always got her back when she needs a shoulder to cry on you can always count on me to be there so don't be sad i always be there;]

How to make a girl feel better Her parents just told her that she has to give her dog away and I have no idea what to say to help make her feel better?

If a girl has to give her dog away, she will be very sad. The best way to make her feel better is with love and understanding.