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of course you would feel tired but your getting payed so drink caffeine

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Q: How do you feel about over time work?
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What to do if you sexted and feel guilty?

Get over it... we all make mistakes and have to live with ourselves for them. You could find something to occupy your time (like church, school, work...) to get over it because it takes time.

Does power equal work over time?

Power = work/time So time = power/work and work = power x time.

When do ghosts crossover?

Ghosts cross over when they feel at peace, and that there time on earth is over.

How do you say after work?

Over time

Why does it feel good when you have sexual intercourse?

Because it just does and you should do it all the time but dont do it so hard because then the male's body will over work and then he will die right then and there!!!!!!!!!!!

What is work and how it changes over time?

It changed over time from black and white to color?

Im 13 and your x is 14 you were together for two years and he cheated on you and you cant get over him how do you?

with time it sounds stupid but people say it for a reason if you feel like crying...cry if you feel angry...let it out over time it will get easier and you will not feel the pain my ex beat me, i was 14-15 at the time, together for just over a year time really does heal everything

The math is killing you?

i do feel like that sometimes. Just work hard, do well and get it over with

How do it feel when your dead?

you dont feel anything because your memory is going blank so you ammotions dont have time to work

When do we use overtime and over time?

Overtime is work paid at time and a half. Over time refers to the duration of an activity.

Can a employee be fired for working over time?

if you are forced to work over time, and you don't want to then, yes

What if my boss does not paying me over time money what should I do?

don't give your work the over time. simple.