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You can get titles by collecting cheese, being the first mouse in the hole, buying shop items, saving mice as shaman, participating in special events, and being an admin.

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Q: How do you earn titles in transformice game?
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How many titles are there on transformice?


How do you get the title princess of transformice on transformice?

You need to gather 38, 000 cheese. For a list of all the titles you can check out ^^

What is the opposite of Transformice?

There will be a game called Transforcats. I guess thats a opposite of Transformice. Signed by Tannermo P.S. Tannermo is my Transformice username.

How do you get transformice titles?

Just meet the requirements and the chat box will tell you that you got a title.

How do you earn the titles for modern warfare 3?

You earn the titles for Modern Warfare 3 by doing various small challenges, such as killing 10 people by blowing up cars. When you complete a challenge at the end of the game, the game review menu will show you have a new title.

How do you earn ablities for your created superstar in svr09?

You go to Game modes in career mode then you can earn overall and stuff and you win titles good luck

Are there any games like transformice?

Try Searching Transformice clone game, if you can't find the results tell me and ill update this.

What are the playable titles in World of Warcraft?

With titles, you could mean either the displayable character titles (like Kingslayer, the Patient and so on) or the game titles. Game titles are World of Warcraft (which is often called Vanilla or Classic by players), The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm - in that order. For a list of titles a character can earn and display, instead, see the related link.

Where is the chat box in transformice?

It is in the bottom left corner of your game screen!

Is transformice the best mouse game online?

It matters on the player's opinion. To me, yes.

How Do you get more cheese in transformice an online game?

One way to get more cheese is to type into the facebook chat bar which will bring you to the Transformice Facebook page and give you 20 cheeses.

How do you get 5000 cheese on transformice?

Generally, you can just play Transformice pretty much for the most of the day. Also, there are certain events on certain dates, like Halloween. You can earn bonus cheese, and it'll increase the total number of cheese you have. Hope this helps!