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Little white knob under fuel filter. Haven't even touched mine after 10k... probably will sooner or later. I trust my fuel sources. Remember, diesel fuel looks like water, so drain an ounce or so, then check to see if there is any separation of fuel and water. You will probably just drain good ol' fuel.. smell will give it away..

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Q: How do you drain water separator 2003 volkswagen beetle?
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How do you Drain water separator in a 1999 ford 7.3?

Located in front of the fuel filter you will find a yellow lever-like switch if you rotate the switch clockwise it will drain the fuel-water separator.

How much does a water pump cost for a 2000 beetle Volkswagen?

not more than 150 $

What is the difference between water separator and moisture separator?

water separator removes water (liquid) but moisture separator removes water vapor

How do you use Water Separator in 2006 dodge 2500?

I am going to assume this is a diesel fuel water separator assembly. Install it in the fuel system as per the instructions contained in the package. Check and drain it on a regular basis. I drain mine every tank of fuel if I am unsure about the quality of fuel I am getting.

How do you drain water separator Ford 350?

If you're talking about the one on the frame rail on the driver's side, there's a small black plastic lever which opened up the drain.

Where do you put water to cool the engine on a Volkswagen beetle?

It depends on the year of the car. Older beetles were air cooled and did not use any water.

Where is the water pump on a 2001 VW Beetle 2001 2.0?

go to your neerest volkswagen dealer and ask for help sorry i cant help im not familiar with volkswagen engines

What can you do if water leaks from the glove compartment after you use the AC in a Volkswagen Golf?


Location of water separator on f350 diesel 2000?

Yellow lever attached to back of fuel filter in "V" of engine, the drain hose ends on front passenger side of block, under a heater hose, it drains about 6 to 8 ounce of fuel when drain is opened, and you want to catch the fuel in a clean jar to see if it has water. You may have to drain it a few times to get all the water out. Start engine between draining of separator, and make sure to close the drain valve after each draining. The water in fuel light should reset it's self.

How do you drain water fuel separator 6.0 diesel?

you need a 15mm alan wrenchnand theres a plug on the side of the seperator under the drivers seat

Bilge oil water separator circuit diagram?

circuit of bilge oil water separator

Where do you find the fuelwater separator on a f350?

if it is a diesel it is built in to the fuel filter that is on top of the engine. on the 7.3l there is a yellow lever on the back of the housing that you can drain the water/fuel from it