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You can't. It is computer controlled.

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Q: How do you disable the lock up torque converter on a 1993 GMC sierra?
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Where is the torque converter on a 1993 Buick Skylark?

the torque converter on all automatic are inside of the bell housing connecting the engine and transmission

Where is the torque converter clutch solenoid in a 1993 dodge spirit?

not really familiar with a dodge spirit,but a torque converter and a clutch are two completely different things

1993 Grand Prix stalls will not idle when coming to a stop 3.1L and?

TCC (Torque converter clutch) Soleniod in the transmission is likely bad. Hope for that because if not it's a bad torque converter.

What could make a 1993 grand prix no overdrive stall when put in gear?

It could be an issue with the torque converter.

Where is the torque converter on a 1993 nisson 240sx?

The torque converter is ALWAYS between the engine and automatic transmission. It's the big round thing that turns at the same rate as the engine, but you should never see it until you remove the dust cover.

Will a 1992 dodge Dakota transmission interchange with a 1993?

Yes but, the 92 is non lockup and the 93 is a lockup torque converter.

Why would the transmission fluid be blowing out before the front seal of a 1993 Chevy s-10?

The torque converter may be cracked.

How do you align a new torque converter on a 1993 Corolla to the drive plate?

It is easier to do if you install the torque convertor to the transmission and then attempt to bolt it to the flywheel. You will have to turn the convertor or flywheel to line up the bolt holes.

How many quarts of tranny fluid does a 1993 gmc siera hold?

That would depend on whether the transmission had been in service, and only what was in the transmission was drained - the torque converter holds nearly as much as the transmission, and does not drain out unless the torque converter is removed... Either way, it is listed in your owners manual...

1993 Lumina transmission quit working Oil level looks good No tranny noises What are some causes?

Bad pump Bad torque converter

How do you turn a seized 1993 5.7L 350 to undo the torque converter bolts?

depends on why it's seized. if a bearing is seized on the crank, or a rod is broke, the easiest way would be to pull the oil pan and take the bearing caps off. otherwise about all you can do is unbolt the tranny housing and leave the torque converter on the flywheel.

When was Sierra Atlantic created?

Sierra Atlantic was created in 1993.