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Q: How do you difne pre loss and post loss objective?
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What is important in the conduct of a pre loss survey?

In a pre-loss survey, it is important to thoroughly document the current condition of the property, identify potential risks or hazards, and assess the adequacy of existing preventive measures. Timely scheduling of the survey, involving relevant stakeholders, and ensuring detailed documentation are essential for an effective pre-loss survey.

What is post and pre issue capital?

Post and pre issue capital is one thing. It is capital and post money.

Who would win a fight pre lava Vader or post lava Vader?

This is difficult to answer from an objective standpoint. Pre-lava Vader would have more agility, due to the fact that most of his limbs are intact. Post-lava Vader, however, was much stronger in the dark side of the force, and had cybernetic enhanced limbs.

What is pre sale and post sale?

In the context pre means before and post means after

How different is pre and post increment in c plus plus from pre and post increment in C programming?

The pre and post increment (and decrement) operator is the same in C++ as it is in C.

What is post query and pre query?

pre query

Is it illegal to pre post mail?

Yes, it is illegal to pre-post mail. It is also illegal to pre-date a check that you are giving someone to pay for goods.

What does pre engagement means?

"Pre-" means "Before" and "Post" means after. So "Pre-engagement" means "Before the engagement" and "Post engagement" means "After the engagement."

What is the difference between pre-indexing and post-indexing?

what is pre-indexing

What is the difference between profit and loss account and budget?

Budget is pre-facto and P&L is post-facto. Budget can be defined as projected Income/P&L statement.

What are pre and post sales activities?

activities; like displays and advertising for pre follow up emails and calls are post sales

How do I use pre- and post-war?

Pre-war means before the war, and post-war means afterwards. Usually these refer to the Second World War, so pre-war is before 1939 and post-war is after 1945.