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First of all,you use kugi magic snow storm on him. Then,when he sends his black orb of course you hit it. He will rise up and attack you with kugi majic. You don't press the different buttons like the other bosses.

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Q: How do you defeat the final boss in Mini Ninjas?
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How do you defeat the final boss in Mini Ninjas DS?

to beat the final boss in mini ninjas you have to throw shuriken at him and make sure they hit the pearls in the room. keep doing that until you have broken all the pearls then he will get weak and then you attack him. he will get back up and then you repeat the process until you beat him. the only hard part is all the minions he send out after you. other than that you should be fine.

How do you get into the Earth Castle in mini ninjas?

u just follow the path defeat the mini boss by using the big guys hammer and pressing a when it tells you to then go to the castle gate open it then the next level is beating the boss wich i do not know how to, sorry

Who is the final boss in Metroid Prime 2?

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How do you defeat the boss on world 5 as mini Mario?

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Defeat the mini-boss in the Goron Mines (2nd temple)

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You need to be more specific about what mini-boss and what Zelda game. However, there is a mini-boss within each dungeon, providing a useful item after defeat. I would recommend using walkthroughs for more details.

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Fight the final boss

How do you get on world 4 and 7 on new super Mrio bros?

To unlock world 4 when you are about fight world 2's boss you must defeat the boss as mini Mario when you beat him world 4 is unlocked. Then to unlock world 7 when you are about to face world 5's boss again you must defeat it by using mini Mario then world 7 should be unlocked.

How do you get to 7-7 in Mario bros DS?

what you have to do is get the mini mushroom on world one 1-3 and defeat the world 2 boss as small mini Mario after that in the snow world defeat the boss as small and that will lead you to world 7 ta dahhh!

How do you get the final ending in epic mickey?

When you defeat the final boss of the game Epic Mickey a cut scene showing the events followed the defeating of the boss show. In your terms, the cut scene that follows the final boss is the "final ending".

How to defeat the boss in the last castle with mini Mario Nintendo ds?

What is the price of Voltaren Gel

How do you beat The World Ends With You?

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