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The best way to alleviate gastric pains and burping sounds is by using the bathroom. If you can't go, you may need to take a laxative.

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Q: How do you cure gastric pains and burping sounds?
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There is no cure for it. But if you massage it, it should feel better

How do you cure 'gastric'?

drink oma valli water

How do you cure stomach gastric?

drink oma valli water

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There is no "cure" for gastric flu or any other type of flu. Flu shots you get are preventative medicine, they do not cure you of anything.With any flu, you want to drink plenty of liquids, you will have depleted electrolytes and Gatorade is good to help replenish them. But drink water as well.

Will gastric bypass cure my diabetes completely?

Gastric Bypass is not a cure for diabetes however in many cases this surgery has help reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes before the surgery takes place due to proper diet. Often Gastric Bypass does stimulate the pancreas to make more insulin natrually.

What is patchy erythematous mucosa in the gastric antrum?

A gastric antral mucosa is a helicobacter pylon infection of the stomach. The infection can be treated with antibiotics to cure it.

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Yes, you can have the gastric surgery while having diabetes. If you have gastric surgery while having diabetes, it can actually help to eliminate or cure diabetes. It is up to the patient/person though to decide whether or not they want to have the surgery.

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