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This conversion is very simple : and is 1 ton = 12,000 BTU/hour.

So if you have a 3 ton of refrigeration you have 36,000 BTU/hour.

In addition, I want to add that in some large Data Centers, there is a movement from BTU to kW of power used by equipment. This is probably driving the Tons/kW question that the HVAC engineers are telling people cannot be solved.

1 Ton of cooling will eliminate 12,000 BTU/hr of heat.

12,000 BTU/hr will be produced by 3.516 kW of power used by equipment.

1 Ton of cooling will then handle 3.516 kW of equipment load based heat exhaust.

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A BTU is a measure of heat energy, while a ton is a measure of weight. Unless you're looking for the number of BTUs a ton of a particular fuel will produce, the two are not comparable.

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Q: How do you convert refrigeration tons to BTU?
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Convert 15 kW to its equivalent in tonsR?

3.517 kW = 1.0 Tons Refrigeration. So 15 kW is 4.265 Tons Refrigeration

How many btus does a 3 ton heat pump use?

A 3-ton heat pump typically has a heating capacity of around 36,000 BTUs per hour and a cooling capacity of around 36,000 BTUs per hour as well. These units can vary based on the specific model and efficiency rating.

How do you Convert refrigeration tons to USGPM?

1 tr = 2.4 usgpm

How do you Convert refrigeration tons to kWh?

To convert refrigeration tons (RT) to kilowatt-hours (kWh), you need to know the efficiency of the refrigeration system. Multiply the RT by 12,000 (which is the number of BTUs per hour in one refrigeration ton) to get the BTUs per hour. Then, divide the BTUs per hour by the system's efficiency to get the kWh required.

How do you convert A air conditioning unit from btus to tons?

The formula is simple. One ton of cooling equals 12000 btu. So a three ton A/C has a 36000 btu capacity.

Is 1 ton of refrigeration equal to 288000 Btu 24hrs?

Yes. A ton of refrigeration is equivalent to 12000 BTU/hr, so in 24 hours, 288000 BTU of energy is expended. See related link, below.

What is the Tempstar air conditioner model number CA5548VKd2 tonnage?

tempstar 5000 model CA5548VKD2 Tonnage??? The 48 before the VKD in the model number stands for 48000, BTU. For refrigeration, 1 Ton = 12000 BTU. Therefore 48000 BTU / 12000 (1 Ton) = 4 Tons

What is refrigeration capacity?

As i found: A measure of the effective cooling capacity of a refrigerator, expressed in Btu per hour ot in tons, where one ton of capacity is equal to the heat required to melt 2000 pounds of ice in 24 hours or 12000 Btu per hour.

How do you convert 5852 CFH to BTU?

To convert Cubic Feet to Btu's, multiply by 1,000 1 CF = 1,000 Btu's

Refrigeration Convert 1000 kW cooling to tons?

1 TR = 3.517 KW-hours 1000 KW = 284.33 TR

How many BUT has a car air conditioner?

If you mean BTU as in British Thermal Units cars generally have 3 to 5 ton airconditioners. A 12,000 BTU/hour cooling capacity is equivalent to 1 ton of refrigeration. The BTU equivalent of 1 ton of refrigeration is 288,000 BTU per 24 hours.

Refrigeration ton vs btu?

1 ton = 12000 BTUs