How do you control traverse?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How do you control traverse?
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What is a closed traverse?

A closed traverse (polygonal, or loop traverse) is a practice of traversing when the terminal point closes at the starting point.[7] The control points may envelop, or are set within the boundaries, of the control network. It allows geodetic triangulation for sub-closure of all known observed points.

What is traverse serveying?

Traverse surveying is a method used in land surveying to establish control points and boundaries by measuring a series of connected survey lines. It involves measuring both angles and distances between points to accurately map out the boundaries of a piece of land. Traverse surveys are commonly used in construction and engineering projects to create detailed site plans.

What part of speech is traverse?

"Traverse" is a verb.

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to traverse = avar (עבר) or chatsah (חצה)

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