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First select the brick you want to copy. Then press Control+C to copy it. Then press Control+V to paste a copy of the brick.

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Q: How do you clone bricks on roblox studio?
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How do you use Roblox studios on Roblox?

Go on Roblox Studio and you can edit bricks, or click build so you can see a character.

How do you make stuff in roblox?

You may use the stack of free bricks near your house, but i recommend editing your place in Roblox Studio.

How do you put your game on roblox?

it is automatically uploaded, but if you save you will upload that to roblox. you should not exceed a limit of 12,000 bricks unless you really know roblox studio.

How do you anchor bricks on Roblox?

Well if you're in roblox studio, look at the tools on the top. To the left of the lock button, you will see an anchor button.

Where do you download ROBLOX studio?

download roblox and roblox studio comes with it... Click Start, all programs, Roblox, Roblox Studio

Where is the Roblox studio?

You can access the Roblox studio from the start menu. Under all progams --> Roblox --> Roblox Studio

How do you delete bricks in roblox studio?

You first select the brick you want to delete and than press Ctrl X on your keyboard.

How do you put bricks floating in mid-air on ROBLOX?

To create "floating" bricks you must be building in the Roblox Studio mode. First create a brick and raise it above the baseplate (the ground). Then select the brick and in the object properties select "anchored".

How do you down load Roblox studio?

it comes with the roblox player when you download it

How do you create a model on roblox?

To create a model do this: 1. Go to your place on Roblox Studio. 2. Highlight your model/bricks, you want to make a model. 3. Keep the model/bricks highlighted while you open the workspace. 4. Open the workspace. 5. Right click on your Model or one of your bricks. 6. Select the one that says: 'Save to Roblox' There you have it. My account: Nicholas487643

Where can you install ROBLOX Studio?

It installs with normal roblox. Go start: All Programs: Roblox: Roblox studio

How do you make a model on Roblox for your place?

First build whatever you want out of bricks in the Roblox Studio. Secondly, select all of the bricks you want to make into a model. Lastly, click the "group" button on the taskbar on the top of the window to make all the selected objects into a model.