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bring it out side and smack all the glass out

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Q: How do you clean up broken glass on the carpet?
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Why are students asked to not clean up broken glass in the classroom?

so that they don't get hurt/cut on the broken glass. if they were to get injured there could be serious legal matters

How do you clean broken glasses on the floor?

Sweep up the glass. Vacuum anything else.

How do you clean broken glass out of my dishwasher?

Before I begin, I would like to state that I, personally, wouldn't clean broken glass out of YOUR dishwasher. I think your grammar is a bigger problem than your broken glass. You should have been consistent, one of the following would have been much better: 1) How do you clean broken glass out of your dishwasher? 2) How do I clean broken glass out of my dishwasher? 3) How does one clean broken glass out of a dishwasher? To answer: Remove the racks, pick up the big pieces CAREFULLY with your fingers, use a damp stack of a few paper towels for the small pieces (which you can throw directly in the trash after the small pieces stick to it), then run a cycle or two to wash the tiny leftover pieces away.

Use immediate in a sentence?

When I dropped the jar of jam, the immediate need was to clean up the broken glass, then to wash up the sticky jam.

How do you clean pop rocks out of a carpet?

Vacuuming would be the easiest and fastest was to clean them up.

Is it OK to use a vacuum to clean broken glass?

I pick up the large pieces by hand, then sweep everything I can into a dustpan. After that I run the vacuum over the area.

Clean cat odor out of carpet?

The secret to removing cat odor from carpet is to clean it before it dries in. use paper towels to soak up as much moisture as possible. Go to the pet store and buy an enzyme cleaner. Flush the carpet with clean water. Dry the carpet well.

How do you clean up petrol spills from carpet?

hi could any one tell me how you clean petrol up on a carepet please

How do you clean a Kirby vacuum cleaner that smells?

Empty it and vacuum up carpet cleaner sprinkled on your carpet with the scent you like.

How do you clean up a broken light bulb?

You sweep up everything with in 2 feet radius and keep sweeping for at least 10 min because there can be very tiny pecies of glass that you could get cut on

What are some tips for cleaning your carpet at home?

The best way to keep a carpet clean is to vacuum it every week. When you have a spill on your carpet, it's best to remove it immediately. You can apply some spot cleaner on the spill to clean it up.

How do you clean up a gas spill in your car?

Remove the carpet and have it dry-cleaned.