How do you clean converse all star?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Throw it in the washer do NOT put it in the dryer it will ruin it so you have to wait till it drys naturally.

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Q: How do you clean converse all star?
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What is the difference between Converse and Converse all-star?

Nothing converse is just short for converse all star. :)

What is the difference between airwalk converse and all-star converese?

airwalk converse are the cheeper version of all star converse. All star converse are the real brand

Where can you get all-star converse?

You can get them at Penny's and the Converse Store.

What is the difference between Converse All-Star and Converse One Star?

They make One-Star Converse specifically for Target. And All-Star is for companies like the shoe company or payless shoes.

Are converse one star from converse all-star?

You're asking the wrong question. Converse One-Star is mad by the same company, but it is not based on the All-Star. The One-Star line also has clothes and accessories, while the All-Star is just the shoes.

What year were converse sneakers introduced?

The Converse All Star debuted in 1917 as the first basketball shoe. Chuck Taylor invented the first Converse All Star shoe.

When was converse all-stars first made?

The original All Star Converse was made in 1908.

What rhymes with all star converse?

If it's a dirty rap song, then maybe "All star converse, mug a b**** and steal her purse.

Who invented all-star shoes?


What actors and actresses appeared in Converse all-star Commercial - 2007?

The cast of Converse All Star Commercial - 2007 includes: Rosalyn Cabrera

In what year were the Converse One Star released for sale to the general public?

The Converse One Star was released for sale to the general public in 1974. One Star converse is said to be a lot better than All Star converse because of its look and cheaper price.

Does Robert Pattinson like converse all-star shoes?

yeah he likes his gray converse all stars.