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First of all, you need to have unlocked more than one title. After that, type in the chat bar, "/title". When you get a giant list of titles on the chat screen, find the title you want. Then type "/title (number of the title you want)".

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Q: How do you choose a title in transformice?
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How do you add title in transformice?

type /title and select the title you want. Then type /title (number of title you want).

How do you get the title its over 9000 in transformice?

Get 9001 cheese.

How do you get the title princess of transformice on transformice?

You need to gather 38, 000 cheese. For a list of all the titles you can check out ^^

How do you get the title gravity master on transformice?

To get the title Gravity Master, you will have to have 1000 bootcamp completions.

What number is the title Yeeeeh Chease on Transformice?

/title 7 You gather 100 cheese to get it.

How do you get the title cheese knight in transformice?

Gather 2,300 cheese.

How do you get the title loved on transformice?

Save 28,000 mice as Shaman.

What is the code for red in transformice?

#FF0066 You can choose other in

How do you get the title noob on transformice?

You complete one boot camp map.

How much cheese do you need to collect to get the title the reaper in transformice?

1800 cheese.

What number is Chicken on transformice?

it is number 295 u can know by typing /title

How do you get transformice titles?

Just meet the requirements and the chat box will tell you that you got a title.