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Brake Lights Troubleshooting (check in this order):

1. Check Fuse

2. Check Bulbs

3. Check switch on brake pedal

4. Check license plate light bulb and wiring

5. Check trailer hitch wiring harness

Most likely its the fuse or bulb. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

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Q: How do you check brake lights on a 2005 gmc canyon?
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What are possible solutions if trailer brake lights don't work on 2005 GMC Canyon?

Check fuses, check bulbs, check connections.

2005 kia Rio brake and dash lights do not work?

Check the DRL

Why do your light stay on on your 2005 Subaru Outback?

Brake lights? Check brake light switch for adjustment or replacement

2005 Toyota sienna brake lights DO NOT WORKS?

check the fuse that's if the bulb is not burnt out.

Brake lights do not work on 2005 Nissan sentra?

Check the brake switch under your pedal (which needs to be pushed when the brake pedal is depressed). This is what the problem was on my friends Sentra. As long as you have checked the lights and fuses, this should do it.

What fuse is for the 2005 Ford Mustang rear brake lights?

What fuse is for the 2005 Ford mustang Rear Brake lights?

What is the problem with the 2005 ford 500 all 3 brake lights are on?

i would check that the brake light switch is not sticking in the on position,and that there is enuff clearance to allow it to shut off when brake not applied

Where is the fuse for brake lights on a 2005 dodge straus?

can someone help me I can't find where the fus is for brake lights and what is the amp number for a dodge straus 2005

Why are your mondeo 2005 brake lights stuck on?

most times if brake lights are stuck on you have a bad brake light switch on pedal under dash

Were is the fuse for back brake lights for 2005 Ford Crown Victoria?

what number fuse for the break lights

Brake light failure 2005 Chevy 1500?

Check the fuses, Check the bulbs, Check the brake light switch, In that order.

Why would the brake and dash lights not work on a 2005 Kia Rio?

Change the lightbulb.