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Q: How do you change the trimmer line on a 5 HP Briggs and Stratton trimmer mower?
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Where can one purchase parts for a used Briggs and Stratton lawn mower?

One can purchase parts for a used Briggs and Stratton lawn mower from the following sources: Mower Graveyard, eBay, Briggs and Stratton, Zangler Repair, Lowes, Discount Online Parts.

How do you change coil on Briggs and stratton 18 hpriding mower?

you can goto and get a manual for that engine,

Where is the location of the idle screw on the Briggs and Stratton 6.0 engine mulcher mower?

Where is the location of the idle screw on the Briggs and Stratton 6.0 engine mulcher mower?

Gap on spark plug Briggs and stratton engine 4.5?

0.030 is the gap for briggs and stratton 4.5 hp mower

Who does Briggs and stratton contract to build their snapper mowers?

Briggs and Stratton does contract anyone to build mowers. The mower manufacturers contract Briggs and Stratton to build their engines (or whatever engine is on the unit). That is why you can have a Briggs and Stratton on most any type of mower. Same is true for Kohler, Tecumseh, etc. Not to say that the engine manufacturers do not build their own type of outdoor power tool but as the question states "snapper mower". Also keep in mind that if you have a snapper mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine and you need warranty work on the engine you need to go to an Authorized Briggs repair facility where as if you have a mower warranty then you need to go to an authorized repair facility for the mower manufacturer.

Are Briggs and Stratton or Kohler engines better in a lawn mower?

Briggs and Stratton and Kohler engines are considered quality components. Neither is likely to be better. However, the Briggs and Stratton brand is more popular.

Where is the oil change cap on a Briggs and stratton 4.75 Q lawn mower?

On the bottom of the mower, it takes 3/8" socket driver (no socket) to remove it

Where can you get a Briggs and Stratton Quattro 4HP lawn mower owners manual Model 21675x41A?

You can find the operator's manual for that engine at You will need to contact the manufacturer of the mower for the lawn mower owner's manual. Briggs and Stratton did not amke that mower, only the engine.

What kind of oil for 5.5hp Briggs and stratton lawn mower?


What is the name of a Briggs and stratton lawn mower model 096722?

It is a 2-cycle 4HP Briggs motor.

Where can one purchase oil for a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine?

Briggs and Stratton is a select brand of lawn mower. When oiling one's Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine, it is best to use a high quality oil. One can find such an oil at their local home improvement store, such as Home Depot.

What is the gap on the spark plus on a 18.5 Briggs stratton lawn mower?