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Get it warm shut it off then drain oil change filter[stp434] and fill with 6 quarts of new shell rotella 10w-30.

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Q: How do you change the motor oil in a 1982 Chevy love diesel?
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Yes but you will have to change the Trans and also add Chevy motort mount brackest to the cross member.

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250 ci,305 ci, 350 ci, 350 ci (Diesel), 379 ci (Diesel) (1982).

Is it normal that new diesel engine motor oil turns very black within a day of oil and filter change in a 1982 Mercedes Benz 300 SD and if not what could be wrong?

make sure to use a diesel oil, and yes it is normal

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Diesels as a rule don't have catalytic converters. THey might have particle filters though.

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What engine does the '97 currently have in it? I am currently putting a 6.5 into a 1982 that originally had a 6.2 in it, the engine and and mountings are the same. Don't know if that helps you. If the 97 had a 6.5 then I would say it will fit but there are a lot of electrical differences between them. mike g

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can some one tell me if you can change the gasket on the back of the injection pump on 1983 mazda diesel pickup with out any problems

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