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Go-to "packages\misc\scope.png" and replace it with a different scope, to edit your scope I use Gimp.

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Q: How do you change scope in assault cube?
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How do you create a clan in assault cube?

you cant its impossible

How do you warp in assault cube?

Press E in gameplay

How do you play Assault Cube on a Mac?

To play Assault Cube on a Mac you should download the Mac version of the game from the website (See links below) and then read the extensive instructions.

How do you zoom whit the sniper in assault cube?

Well, you zoom with the assigned key for the option.

How far is a sks Chinese assault rifle accurate with a 4 power scope?

About 400 meters

How do you go to menu on assault cube?

hit escape JOIN clan ASCB be tested by Eloc

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Is there assault cube 2 on mac game out?

I could not find a download but u can do source code hack

Modern warfare 2 does the thermal scope have less zoom for a assault rifle than a Sniper?

Im pretty sure they have less zoom on assault rifles than sniper rifles.

Which is best assault riftle gun in MW2?

Its a matter of opinion but i would say the ACR with HearBeatSensor and AGOC Scope.

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