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The first step is to remove the deck and unplug the deck clutch wire from the main harness (near the oil drain). Remove the bolt that attaches the deck clutch pulley to the engine crankshaft. If you're lucky, and you've been careful with the garden hose you should be able to lower the deck clutch pulley off the crankshaft. If not, you'll need to carefully force the $350 deck clutch off. I used a pry bar similar to a Stanley Wonder Bar (aka flat bar) and a hammer to work the pulley down. Now would be a good time to rethread the bolt that holds the deck clutch pulley far enough into the crankshaft to catch the pulley when it eventually drops. Place the tip of the short end of the flat bar against the top of the pulley hub and the pivot part of the flat bar against the tractor's frame. Tap the long end of the flat bar up with a hammer until the pulley works its way down. Be patient, I tapped for several minutes. Remove the transmission drive belt from its tensioner and attempt to lower the pulley far enough down the crankshaft to get the belt past the retainer flanges. Be gentle, the pulley isn't very strong and the mating surface between it and the driveshaft is ridiculously long. I attempted to use lubricant and heat to free up my stuck pulley to no avail. I considered cutting the belt retainers off but decided to unbolt the engine and lift it up past the belt retainer flanges instead. Unbolt the engine and exhaust manifold heat shield. I removed the fuel tank and probably whatever else prevented the engine from being lifted (pried) high enough to get the drive belt off. Note: The exhaust pipes aren't mechanically attached to the muffler and will come out with a little help. You can figure it out from here. I recommend a little anti-seize between the pulley and the crank shaft to keep them from sticking the next time. And don't even think about cleaning your tractor with a pressure washer!

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Q: How do you change drive belt on gt 2150 white lawn tractor?
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