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you have to take the steering wheel off remove the horn assembly and find a pin that holds back the switch.

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Q: How do you change an ignition switch in a 1994 GMC full size?
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How do you replace the ignition wiring harness and ignition switch?

you pull out the radio and dash cluster and you will have full access to the ignition just turn it over and un clip the wires

How can you tell if the ignition switch is bad on a 1991 ford bronco full size?

well there was a recall on part of the switch o you might make sure that isn't the part

Where is the choke control knob located on a 1989 Yamaha phazer snowmobile?

there should be a flat switch beside the cover for the gas cap, and the ignition switch. That is your choke. Sticking up is full choke, down is choke off.

Will a bad solenoid make no noise when you turn on ignition?

If your battery has a full charge, and NO noise is heard. It is most likely a lose or broken wire from the battery to ignition switch or from ignition switch to solenoid. A bad neutral switch may also be the problem or a blown fuse. A clicking noise would indicate bad solenoid contacts or a low battery charge. Although the a solenoid may be at fault, the other reasons are more likely. Note: On cars without automatic transmissions, check the clutch interlock switch.

Why would your ford aerostar start 2 times then not for a few hours Full battery power lights bright no dimming when turning key replaced relay started 1 time then nothing?

Bad starter? Bad neutral switch? ignition switch?

Why can you turn the key all the way and not even crank and still have full battery life?

Defective ignition switch, loose or corroded battery cables, starter connection, bad battery cable, or the battery can be bad even though it shows a full charge.

What is oil full switch?

Never heard of such a switch.

Can you change a pool light with the pool full?

yes you can but with water and electric you should have someone that is insured do the switch it would be much safer

How do you switch the full beam on on a VW beetle?

You change the high/low beam by pulling the signal lever towards you and then again to return.

How do the headlights turn on for a 1994 Yamaha 535cc Varago motorcycle?

They should come on automatically when the ignition is switched on. On my '87 xv535, the starter switch disengages the headlight in order to give full power to the starter. The starter button would stick very slightly when I released it, preventing the headlight form coming back on. (Very frustrating trying to figure this out.) Try pulling the starter button out. I never took it apart, but I assume the spring inside the switch was weak.

If you have 1993 Chevy baron full size vanwhen you shut the engine off the clock stays it supposed to stay on or go off battery keeps going dead.?

Maybe bad ignition switch

What is the best oil for a 1994 BMW 530I?

The best oil is 10w-40 full syn. If you go by the oil change indicator lights, use full synthetic. If you change it at half the interval, regular oil is okay, but I still recommend full synthetic. It should have a rating of ACEA-A3 rated.