How do you cancel your on-star policy?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How do you cancel your on-star policy?
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How do I cancel OnStar?

Call OnStar at 1-866-4OnStar and talk to a service representative. They will assist you in changing your account status. Actually the OnStar number is 1-888-4OnStar.

How to cancel my progressive policy?

If you ask your insurance company to cancel your policy, they will.

Can you cancel a policy that has lapsed?

If thee policy has already lapsed, there is no active policy to cancel. It means that it is already cancelled.

Why can't I cancel a policy that I am paying for on a spouse that I do not want?

If you cannot cancel a policy that you don't want that you are paying for on a spouse you need to contact the company which provides the policy. Most companies should allow you to cancel a policy.

Can you cancel a life policy that your ex wife has on you?

Only the policy-holder has the right to cancel. You have no say in the matter.

Can I cancel a policy that my exhusband has on me or have him to cancel it?

i don't think so

Can your insurance company cancel auto coverage after you had an accident?

If you have an accident in the first 60 days of your policy,, Yes They can cancel your policy

Can a person cancel an auto insurance policy at any time from the date the policy is effective?

Yes. You can cancel at any time

How do you Cancel policy?

Call your agent.

How can I cancel joint life insurance when one party doesn't consent?

This will depend on some factors. Who is the policy-owner? The policy-owner is the only person who can cancel the insurance policy,

How long does it take to cancel your life insurance policy?

I have a whole life insurance policy, how long does it take to cancel it, also can I get money back from it.

Can insurance cancel your policy?

Depends on the provider