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Q: How do you cancel accident insurance policy with AFLAC?
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How many physical therapy visits are covered under AFLAC accident policy?

You need to contact your insurance company.

Will Aflac pay for blood work done?

Check your policy. It is usually a supplemental policy to your regular insurance.

What are the procedures for getting an accident health insurance?

In order for one to get accident health insurance one just needs to inquire and apply with an insurance provider. One site that assists in finding accident health insurance providers is the eHealthInsurance website. Some companies that offer accident health insurance are Aflac and American General.

How can one get accident sickness unemployment insurance in the US?

There are a number of insurance agencies that offer coverage for accident- and sickness-related unemployment in the US. A few such agencies include Aflac, Geico, and Allstate.

How do you cancel aflac?

Call the company directly or your agent.

Will aflac accident policy pay if accident is covered by workers comp?

Yes they do pay you, only on the accident part, it's ok through workers comp too, they can't touch your pay. It is allowed...

Computers and AFLAC how did they work together?

Not a reasonable question. AFLAC is an insurance company.

AFLAC insurance is it sold in massachussetts?

AFLAC is licensed to sell in every state.

Do you carry cancer insurance for aflac?

transamerica life settlement has a form for former cancer policyholders. Are you the same as aflac insurance?

Does AFLAC offer ski insurance?

Yes, you are in luck. The AFLAC does offer ski insurance for individuals who are interested. I highly suggest that you check them out and consider them for your insurance needs.

Where can a person go to get information on Aflac hospitalization insurance?

The Aflac website is the best place to get authentic information about the Aflac hospitalization insurance. It is also useful to read consumer reviews about an insurance provider before making the final decision.

Received a payout from aflac after having policy for 20 years do i have to pay taxes on the money received?

No, not unless you deducted the cost of the insurance on your taxes.