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Q: How do you blow a kiss on Movie Star Planet?
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How do you kiss on Movie Star Planet?

On Movie Star Planet, you can send kisses to other players by selecting the kiss icon from the chat menu and then choosing the player you want to send the kiss to. Your avatar will then blow a kiss to the selected player.

How do you kiss a girl on Movie Star Planet?

you cant

How you kiss on Movie Star Planet?

You can kiss on MSP by buying the animation in the Animation section when your shopping.

How do you kiss on Movie Star Planet at level one?

u can buy a kiss animationif u have msp add me plzzz xx my user is coolmaya100

Is there a virtual world where you can kiss for 10 year old and up?

movie star planet you cant kiss but you can date or u can act like your kissing

How do you kiss on movie star plant?

you have to buy it and then kiss !

How do you hug on Movie Star Planet?

close your eyes and make sure nobody there and kiss

What other movie except love or bread will joe cheng and Ariel lin star in?

they played in "It started with a kiss" and"They kiss again".

What is the name of the waiter in the movie blow?

in the movie Blow, there is a scene at a restaurant where a 'little person' is a waiter. I would like to know what his real name is. I have seen him in the tribute band 'Mini Kiss', but unfortunately I can't find his name.

How do you kiss on RuneScape?

You use the blow kiss emote on the emotes list.

What is it called when you blow a kiss to someone?

It's called blowing a kiss

How do you kiss a boy in movie star plant?

you have to buy it at he animation shop which is in the shopping center bottom left!